An epiphany, 3 dimplomas later

So, it all of a sudden just dawned on me, that one of the main reasons I continue to go to school not only has to do with my love of learning, but the fact that I don’t know where to begin expressing what I’ve learned.

Right after highschool I went to post-secondary to become a Practical Nurse, then after that a Yoga Teacher (and somewhere along the way, a reiki practitioner), and most recently, a Chartered Herbalist.

Practicing and teaching only shortly thereafter graduating, here I sit, only now realizing that I jump too quickly into the next thing, time after time.

Rather than continuing to utilize the knowledge that I’ve learned course after course, I found the next building block to whatever I had thought my career in the wellness industry might look like – and of course, wherever my evolving passion continued to take me.

So naturally, here I am two weeks after finding out that I graduated from Dominion Herbal College, wondering, what on earth do I do next?

I wound up aimlessly walking around the yard, weeded some gardens, and identified plants that I didn’t recognize – and though it turned out to be a great place to start, I’m still left feeling directionless. However, now I’m starting to think it might be a good thing.

I mean, did I do anything productive? No. But I did clear my head enough to find the quiet and creative part of myself, somewhere amongst all the other parts of me, and would up creating herbal bouquets with a lot of the dried weeds I had plucked.

And in that, I reazlied what my next step would be; I needed to create a deeper connection with the plant world. It was as simple as that.

Getting to know their world was the next phase in the journey, whatever that unfolded to look like.

This realization was one that struck me good, one that gave me insight and purpose. Now that I recognized the hinderance, I can remove it. And that’s exactly what I was going to do.

Hey, I guess some of the best lessons are achieved by doing the most mundane of tasks.

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