Preparing our Hives for the Colder Days Ahead

This post was originally written for Everything Herbal, an herbal education blog. Now that snow covers the ground where we live, I know that even though I can’t see them, the honeybees are still working hard within the hive’s four walls. Up until now, on any day warm enough to do so, they continued toContinue reading “Preparing our Hives for the Colder Days Ahead”

Rosehip Syrup & Late Tomatoes

We’re just under a week away from the first day of fall and I’m still plucking tomatoes almost daily. Like most people I’ve spoken to, tomatoes ripened late this year, even for those of us who started from seed indoors in February. I did, however, speak to a market gardener who told me they’ve givenContinue reading “Rosehip Syrup & Late Tomatoes”

Spring has sprung!

This weekend, with snow melting and uncovering most of our working land, we haven’t stopped moving! It’s safe to say, we had been itching for long days spent outside, getting our hands dirty again. And that’s exactly what we did. You might remember from previous blog posts, the old rickety barn that always sat betweenContinue reading “Spring has sprung!”

Winnie, and herbal nervines for dogs

After bringing Winnie, our newly adopted ten-week-old Australian Shepherd, home with our beloved Beagle, Dot, we were soon surprised to find that our two-year-old beagle had started frothing at the mouth, and behaving completely out of character from her typical jolly self. She was avoiding eye contact and shaking nervously whenever Winnie would come nearContinue reading “Winnie, and herbal nervines for dogs”

Let’s talk about Turkey Tail

Amongst all the mushrooms making an appearance in the wellness world these days, Turkey Tail often isn’t one of them. Though it is one of the most studied mushrooms in the world and has a wide range of benefits – both for the ecosystems in which it is found and for human consumption. If you’veContinue reading “Let’s talk about Turkey Tail”