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Spring has sprung!

This weekend, with snow melting and uncovering most of our working land, we haven’t stopped moving! It’s safe to say, we had been itching for long days spent outside, getting our hands dirty again. And that’s exactly what we did. You might remember from previous blog posts, the old rickety barn that always sat betweenContinue reading “Spring has sprung!”

Winter’s Coming

As I kneel down next to the bees, who are buzzing around half-empty trays collecting what’s leftover from this year’s harvest (we leave the trays outside once we’ve collected from them, to help supplement the small number of flowers so late in the season), I can’t help but anticipate winter. The air, although warm forContinue reading “Winter’s Coming”


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About Me

Ever since I was young, I’ve had a fondness for reading and writing, and the ideas that flow from literary expression. It’s always been a way to process everything from education to experiences for me, allowing me to sit with and reflect on life as it unfolds.

So here’s to a collection of mine.

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